White House Monogramming

Wooden Monograms

***Please double check the order of your initials in your monogram before placing your order!

Traditionally, monograms go as follows:

Couple’s Monogram order: inital of wife’s first name, initial of last name, initial of husband’s first name
Individual’s Monogram order: initial of first name, initial of last name, initial of middle name.

 Please note: Monograms will ship 4-5 weeks after purchase.

Historically, a monogram was used as a royal signature. Today we see monograms used in a variety of ways. These fabulous wooden monograms are a beautiful statement for your home. Cut from 1/4″ wood, you can just tie on your favorite ribbon and hang it on a wall. It will definitely make a statement. Perfect for any room!

*Southern Nest monograms are all created using imported Russian Baltic Birch wood (not to be confused with some of the lower quality birch options.) This is important, as the script is very intricate and using the top quality wood makes it strong.

The monogram either comes “ready to paint”, so you can spray it with several light coats of spray paint in your choice of color or “painted” in a beautiful white lacquer finish sealed to give it a furniture-like appeal. The back of the monogram is primed white.

Monograms are offered in 4 sizes:
Small 6″
Medium 14″
Large 18″
Extra-large 24″