White House Monogramming

For years a strong feeling has come over me at this time of year.  I can't say exactly what it is; sadness, envy, excitement, renewal?  What I do know is that I miss my time at college.  What at the time carried much stress and worry also gave me some of my best memories. The college years have such an impact. I know my readers are in different points in their life but, can you relate?  I have to say, I am getting caught up in all of the back to school planning and shopping.

This is a busy time of year for White House Monogramming.  Monograms are big at college!! The preppy style thrives in this environment and monograms fit right in!  I just wanted to share with you a few of the most frequently purchased monogrammed items for going off to college.

Monogram Bath Wrap

Bath Wrap

1.  This is the Adult Bath Wrap that comes in 4 colors, Turquoise, Lime, Hot Pink, White.  Compact and easy to wear to and from the showers. * We have children's/youth sizes as well.


Personalized waffle weave robe

2.  If you aren't the bath wrap kind of girl then the next item is for you.  The Waffle Weave Robe.  Both of these items can be personalized with your name or monogram. This style has been super popular.

Monogrammed Ball Cap 

3.  Some call this essential!  There are going to be those mornings where walking down the hall to the shared bathroom is more than you can do.  A monogrammed ball cap is going to be your best friend.  Believe it.  Order it now.  

Canvas Tote

4. Now, this may not seem necessary right now.  You have a backpack right?  Well, believe it or not, you will go home for the weekend, at least occasionally. You won't have room in your dorm for a suitcase. You will be surprised how many odds and ends you can throw in this bag. Plus, it can store miscellaneous items in your closet.  They come in many different colors and 2 sizes.  They are so sturdy you will still have it after you graduate!

Monogrammed Vest White House Monogramming

5.  This little vest could be an answer to your problems.  The problem of temperature transitions.  Fall temperatures can be both hot and cold.  Plus, you may encounter classrooms with too much air conditioning or no open windows and stuffy.  So, dress in layers. * It looks great with a scarf and pairs well with our chambray shirt . And it is light enough to look good with shorts!

 Well, that is just some of the things you will need for college.  I hope it helps.



Written by Janet White — August 01, 2016

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