White House Monogramming

This place is A-mazing!! I have to say, I didn't really know what to expect.  EcoRelics launched their business in 2014 and I have been hearing a bit of chatter recently on Social Media.  It is a local business here in downtown Jacksonville, Florida but they also sell online.

 EcoRelics Jacksonville

 I actually convinced my husband to go with me to check it out. I am an avid fan of Chip and JoJo, from Fixer Upper on HGTV, so my hopes were high that I would see some wonderful vintage pieces. Can I just say, it. was. awesome!  My mind was blown!  Not only are there some wonderful antiques to browse through but everything is organized and categorized which make the experience so much more enjoyable.  Unbelievable!  I am so impressed! 

There were several antiques that were so familiar to me it brought back a flood of memories.  My parents had many antiques in our home that came from my great-grandparents who immigrated from Germany. These are just a few that I saw and thought I would share with you.

EcoRelics Jacksonville

I believe these were iron presses that were heated on the wood burning stove back in the day.  Ha! But in my house they were used as a door stop.

Antique Victrola White House Monogramming

We had something very similar to this.  The old Victrola.  If I remember right, it played the first vinyl albums, the 78's.  You actually had to crank it to play.  Very cool!

Singer Sewing Cabinet 

This is a Singer Sewing Cabinet.  We had a beautiful one in our guest room.  The top of both sides would lift to give you a storage space inside.  

Vintage Petroleum Can

What do you think?  Pretty cool right?  A vintage Kerosene Oil Spout Galvanized Can. Ah, brings back such good memories.  Pretty sure my dad actually used it!!

One of the things that I love about EcoRelics is that they are committed creatively repurposing building materials, fixtures, and other valuable supplies.  They will even do the re-purposing for you.  You dream it...they do it!  If you are interested in seeing more about their business, you can find them at www.ecorelics.com.  They also have a large store on eBay  So take a look.  You may just see something you can't live without.  


Written by Janet White — July 25, 2016

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