White House Monogramming

Getting organized can be daunting.  But remember, Rome wasn't built in a day.  As with any positive change, its good to just get started.  I try to make the phrase, "A place for everything, and everything in it's place" a rule for our home. I hope this helps you to get started.  Don't be too hard on yourself and expect perfection.   This is a process. 
The White House Monogram
So, since it is the beginning of a new school year, let's just start with your desk.
college desk
Courtesy of prepavenue.com
Back to school season is a great time to organize your desk. (or designated space)  Colorful cardboard boxes and magazine holders work well to keep notebooks and assignments from getting lost.  Plus, it is pretty to look at. *wink  You can find these at most office supply stores.  If space is limited it helps to add shelves to increase storage vertically.
Next, record all assignments in one place.
Megan Martin Gold clutch, Simplified Planner
Courtesy of meganmartni.net
Gold Monogrammed Clutch
Whether you prefer digital or pretty paper planners the important thing is to keep all  assignments and dates in one place.  There are several planners on the market and some specifically for students so look around before you buy.  The picture above is of the Simplified Planner by Emily Ley.  There are several digital options too.  One  is iCalendar for iPhone. Also, one that is available to anyone is Google Calendar.  It seems the list for Apps is endless and can be tailored specifically to your needs.  
My favorite part to being organized is making lists.  No, actually it is checking things off of my list.
 In general, I have found that the more organized I become, the less I can tolerate clutter!  Keep it simple.  Too much stuff just seems to add to the time needed to be productive. This will be a great start to organize other areas of your life.  I prefer to prioritize and plan ahead.  That of course will be the next step.
*Tip:  Being an organized student will lead to a successful college career or a happy home that runs smoothly.  (At least most of the time)
Dorm desk
Courtesy of Scotch.uk

Written by Janet White — August 29, 2016

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