White House Monogramming

Full disclosure. I have re-invented myself in business multiple times.  You may not know it but I previously worked as an Interior Decorator.  I had a few opportunities in the business really.  Initially, I had my own business helping clients decorate their homes or businesses. This led me to working for another Design firm where I assisted a builder's clients in choosing finishes for their new homes. And, It doesn't end there.  I have learned that networking and getting to know others in your field is essential to your growth.  I had the good fortune to meet a wonderful lady, Lisa, while looking for a fabric for a customer.  She owns Designers' Workshop, a showroom to the trade.  We forged a friendship that has lasted through the years and led to us working together as well. But, that could be another post.

 I tell you all of this to let you know that I have started helping her at her shop again.  This explains in part my absence in blogging, and social media posts,... but not all.  (lets just say, summer got in there as well).

Long story short, I am planning to add some blog content with my Interior Decorating activity along with my White House Monogramming business to create more of an elegant lifestyle blog, mixing classic preppy fashion and gifts with current interior design trends... and maybe a bit of entertaining ideas and recipes too.  I hope you enjoy it!

Interior Design Fabric

Written by Janet White — July 18, 2016

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