White House Monogramming

Quotes and images from Southern Living Mag and AmbreBlends.

Did you see the February Southern Livings 50 Anniversary Double Issue yet?  This issue has a must-read article, "Elements of Southern Style" with 50 things we as southerners just can't live without.  I was pleased to see the number 1 item..... 1. Our Monograms.  "In the South, your name is important-and often something that has been handed down to you" explains Lucy Collins, a Georgia native professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.  "A monogram underscores that importance and takes something from mundane (a sweater or tote bag) to unique. I couldn't have said it better!  

Seersucker crossbody whitehousemonogramming


From the extensive list of 50 items, here are a few of my favorites.  

3. A Signature Scent.  Even at age 55, I always get a little excited when I learn something new.  Did you know that the earliest American perfume was known as Florida Water?  Good to know.  Back in the day, I wore Oscar De La Renta all. the. time. but now I wear an organic scent called Ambre Essence.  I love, love, love it's clean scent.  Plus, it is not uncommon for me to be stopped and asked, "What are you wearing? It smells sooo good!" (That is particularly good for a girl's confidence *wink)

Amber Blends whitehousemonogramming

 13. A Gingham Button Down.  Still one of my favorite, it doesn't matter to me if it is a large or small gingham pattern, both are a classic!

gingham button down whitehousemonogramming

31-35.  A Charleston Outfit, A Nashville Outfit, A St. Simons Island Outfit and A Charlottesville Outfit.  Each of these are so distinctive.  


A Charleston Outfit Whitehousemonogramming 


Nashville Outfit Whitehousemonogramming 

St. Simons Island

St. Simons Outfit Whitehousemonogramming


A Charlottesville Outfit Whitehousemonogramming

50. Prints With Personality.

Yet another little tidbit I learned from this article in Southern Living Magazine.... did you know that Lilly Pulitzer and Jackie Kennedy were high school classmates? Whaaat?  Apparently, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, was spotted on the cover of LIFE magazine wearing one of Lilly's designs.

Lilly Pulitzer whitehousemonogramming

I have always loved to dress with style and class.  To me hit is a way of life, more that just the clothing on the outside.  It embodies an air of confidence and respect and a reason to be proud and show it.  

Written by Janet White — March 15, 2016

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