White House Monogramming

December is packed full of things to do.  Parts of it we love and parts of it......not so much.  Owning an online boutique of personalized gifts can make this month stressful as you might imagine.  This year I have felt like I was on a hamster wheel, striving to grow my business to the point that I realized that I was making the stress myself!  Why do I want to grow so big if it is going to cause me to lose the joy in the day to day things?  Luckily I realized it and have made some changes.  I am making it a point to enjoy the things that make this time of year so awesome!  It doesn't have to be on any grand scale, just what makes me smile on the inside will work.  One of the little things for me is seeing my grand-daughters in nightgowns.  Any nightgown is cute but at Christmas it needs to be red or green. So, I made sure to make one for each of my sweeties and I LOVE seeing the in them!


Children's Christmas Nightgown


Written by Janet White — December 10, 2015

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