White House Monogramming

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If you have not heard of May Designs, you need to get over to their website right now because they are a Monogram Lover's dream. I've been a fan since Graduate school; just because I was in a Grad school, didn't mean that I needed to have ugly, serious stationary. 
The process of a MayDesign book is limitless: First, you chose cover artwork. (I am a big fan of Britt Bass Turner!) Then, a monogram and monogram shape. The next step is inside pages: May Designs offers planner pages, budget journal, meal journal, blank pages, and a personal favorite: ADULT COLORING BOOK! 
Another favorite part of May Designs is that they release a 24-hour only prints. They post them on their Instagram. You have to act fast or they're gone! 
Here's a few of our favorite designs:
May Designs WHMMay Designs WHMMay Designs WHM
The best part of these notebooks? They fit in our Deluxe Gold Monogrammed Envelope Clutch Purse, making them perfect for on the go. 

Written by Becca Lucio — October 07, 2015

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