White House Monogramming

Every Monday, We'll be sharing with you the etiquette and history of monograms. By having a better understand of what makes monograms special, we hope that you will have a better appreciation. 
What is a monogram? We'll simply put it is whatever you want to me. As an external representation of who we are, monograms can be used to personalize any and all things as yours. 
However, monograms do have a history and as with most histories, there are traditions. But, we're getting ahead of ourselves.
Monograms are first found to be on currency. As the world was moving away from bartering and towards monetary exchanges, it was necessary to create a monetary item that was reflective of the region.  The monograms used on the clay discs would represent the ruler of their region. 
As monograms became associated with royalty, Aristocrats began monogramming their own items. Aristocrats wanted to be associated with the royalty of their country, and monogrammed everything from armor and weapons to household goods and coats of arms.
During the Middle Ages, it was common for artists to use their monograms instead of their full signatures. Artists, such as Rembrandt, used their monograms to sign their work. He started his career signing just as RH but as his career lengthened, he changed to RHL; the more common monogram of the time. 
Early monograms consisted of the two-letter monogram,such as that used by Rembrandt. It was until the 18th century that the three-letter monogrammed gained popularity. 

Written by Becca Lucio — October 05, 2015

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