White House Monogramming


Every Thursday, We'll be sharing one of our family traditions. From Game day, to the holidays, to our kids firsts, The South has time honored traditions that go hand in hand with monograms. We'll share our favorite traditions, and may a few family recipes too!

 As we come up on another big college football season, we felt it would be fun to hear from different people about their favorite college traditions, whether that tradition was specific to their college, their team or their sorority. 


"At orientation, we walked around the Oval (a central area of the campus that all the major buildings were situated around) as a class with a bagpipe leading us; then, did the same thing at graduation. It was symbolic of the "full circle of education" we had received at Kings College. "- Ashlyn G., Kings College Class of 2012 

" It's literally the most popular street in North Carolina and the Tar Heels celebrate every year by literally shutting it and the rest of downtown Chapel Hill (which isn't too much) down for 2 major reasons; Heeloween and winning a National Championship. During my time in undergrad I was granted the amazing honor and privilege of living the biggest tradition of "Rushing Franklin" after Tyler Hansbrough, Danny Green and Ty Lawson lead our 2009 Men's Basketball team to victory. As soon as the confetti fell from that arena, ALL students ran from their prospective ends of campus all the way to Franklin Street. Running, chanting, "Number 1! We are the champions, my friends! TAR! HEELS!" Not in that order, but respectively. When you finally arrive to Franklin Street after rushing it, you take selfies, pictures of cops on horse, you jump over fires, you lose your voice from screaming and chanting so loudly but most importantly, every single student comes together and takes the utmost pride in the university they love and all those a part of it. It doesn't get more school spirited than that." - Perinne D., UNC Class of 2010

"UGA is full of traditions, from the school to the football team. One of my favorite traditions from UGA is the not walking under The Arch until you graduate. To me, it honors the hard work of those that have come before me." -Shannon M, UGA Class of 2016

"Big/Little Week with my sorority was one of my favorite college traditions. Girls would get together for craft nights and make cute gifts for their new littles to open each morning during big/little week. At the end of the week, we had a different unique reveal." - Monica E, UNF Class of 2011

For me, I took a heritage class my Freshman year at Florida State, and participated in a Museum Studies class my senior year. I am full of useless Florida State trivia. One of my favorite Florida State traditions is the "Kissing Bench", a non-decript bench sitting on the edge of Landis. The bench is said, to have magical powers for those who sit with their significant others and kiss. 

“If this bench could talk, oh the stories it would tell, of kisses young and old, if you sit, beware the spell.”


What is your favorite college tradition?


Don't forget to check out our GAMEDAY section of White House Monogramming for all your Game Day accessories.  

Written by Becca Lucio — October 01, 2015

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