White House Monogramming

I know, you were thinking a laptop?  A well organized desk maybe?  I agree, both are definitely important and probably one of the first things that you ticked off the to-do list in preparation for move in day.  But, I'm thinking a little differently.  College students do a ton of walking,... to class, to the library. to the dining hall,. Being well prepared means being prepared for rain!  That's where we come in.  Monogrammed Rain Jackets are a college must have!  With 3 different styles and over 20 color options, getting caught in the rain is actually a good thing!  

These jackets are just 2 of the three styles.  There is also the unlined 1/4 zip jacket for warmer climates.   All are shown in the apparel section under rain jackets.

So, be prepared!  You will be glad you did!


Written by Janet White — September 12, 2015

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