White House Monogramming

Recently, I was perusing an old issue of REAL SIMPLE magazine ( I know, I am old fashioned and still like a paper magazine) and came across an article that grabbed my interest.  It questioned it's readers about what they feel is the most important item in their closet.  I can tell you, I normally don't even buy clothes with that in mind.  Well, except maybe one.  Do you?  Some of the items given in the answers I realize I have and others, well you decide if you think they are closet worthy.

 Disclaimer:  Excerpts from article September 2016. 

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1. A crisp white blouse, ironed and ready to wear.  Mine is always there to top off slacks, jeans, or a skirt when a last-minute dinner invitation or someone drops by…..Lynda Rettick, Bloomington, Illinois.

2. A great fitting bra. It will make you feel and look your best.  If your foundation garnets don't do their jobs well, you can't expect the finished look to be polished.  Kimberly McKeough, Fairhope, Alabama

3. Wooden Hangers.  My goodness, wire hangers should be against the law.  Plastic hangers are so…1990's.  But wooden hangers make it look like I care about my clothes.  Yes, they do take up space, but they keep me from being a clothes hoarder. Rebecca Stuhlmiller, Stockerau, Austria

4. A donation bin.  Keep a large bag to stash those unworn or unwanted clothes.  It is easier to part with things as you identify them.  Then once the bag is full, you grab it and head to the nearest donation center or charity.  Megan Mercier, Wilton, New York


While there are many more answers given in the article, I think they were missing one of the most important.  Yes!  The classic monogram.  There are so many items that could fall into this category. Here are just a few.

1. The monogrammed robe for instance.  It makes you feel like you are staying in an expensive hotel, which in my book is always a good thing.



2. A classic Rain Jacket.  Monogrammed of course!  A yellow rain slicker.  How much more classic can you be?


3.  A Chambray Shirt.  Yes…monogrammed.  You will look awesome even in the most casual situations.



4. A Weekender Tote.  I can't say enough about this workhorse!  Tip* Its currently on sale!!


I could continue and talk about a place for a gift closet (that will have to be another post) but I would love to hear what you think every women should have in her closet.  Please take just a minute to comment.  




Written by Janet White — August 28, 2015

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