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By Guest Author from Ashley Stafford Curated.  

5 Tips for Sorority Recruitment Sorority recruitment is less than a month away, and it’s never too soon to get ready. Going to college is a stressful but exciting time, and having rush the week before it even begins can be a bit overwhelming. Going through rush and joining a sorority will be a stressful experience, but by doing it, you will make the best of friends, enjoy campus and everything it has to offer so much more, and provide you with a support group for when times get tough. Here are a few tips to help you rock recruitment and find a home for the next four years:

Be Prepared: Take time to read through the Recruitment guide before hand. Familiarize yourself with the Greek Life website and each sorority’s page. This will help you come rush week to better remember each house, which will help you make a better decision each voting night.

Dress the Part: Each manual gives you suggestions on what to wear. Dress comfortable but dress your best. If they suggest casual, and are providing you with t-shirt, make sure you have cute/classic shorts and some cute sandals or sneakers. On days where they suggest sundresses, wear one, but make sure it’s comfortable and it fits well. There’s nothing worse than adjusting yourself all day, you will feel uncomfortable and you will look uncomfortable. Another suggestion: choose bold colorful prints. This will help you stand out, as well as hide all the sweat dripping down your back from walking in this awful southern humidity all day. Rush involves A LOT of walking. Wear wedges. Save the heels for Preference Day and carry flip-flops in your bag. You will hate yourself if you chose the second and third day of the week to wear uncomfortable shoes. Don’t overdue it with accessories. You may think it will set you apart. It won’t; it’s distracting. Instead choose one. Maybe a monogrammed necklace to wear each day, or your high school ring, or a bracelet you mom gave you for graduation, but just pick one.

Be Unique and Be Confident: You are awesome! Show them how awesome you are. Start by keeping a journal or a note on your phone and list ways that you are awesome. “I am a good friend” “I was captain on my swim team” “I have really great hair” Whatever it is, big or small, write it down. Tell these things to yourself so you can be reminded when you find yourself doubting, or need an extra boost of confidence the morning of each day. Being confident will radiate and you’ll have all the sisters wanting to know who you are, and want you a part of their house. Another great way to help reduce the stress and anxiety that comes during this week is to prepare some conversation starters. You will not have much time to make an impression on these girls, so awkward conversation pauses cannot happen. Sisters also love when PNMs ask them questions. It shows that you’re interested in them and want to know more. Some of my favorites are: “Why did you choose ‘XYZ sorority’?” What’s your favorite thing about school? (Almost always the answer will be “football games”, so be ready with the follow up, “Oh, I can’t wait for football season. What are some things you guys do on game days?”)

Be Yourself! Try not to get discouraged. Remember that these girls have been in their houses for at least a year. They have camaraderie and are able to sense whether or not you will have a good time there. The best way for them to do that is for you to be yourself. If you spend the week being someone you think your top house will love, you will get that bid and then realize you have nothing in common with those girls. Be yourself, and allow the houses to choose you because they know you will be an awesome fit for them and they want you.

Have fun! It’s only a week. Take this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the campus before any other freshman get to. Meet new people, and make friends with other girls going through recruitment. Come bid day, and the first day of classes, this week will be totally worth it. There is nothing like the first day of classes, wearing your new sorority’s t-shirt and seeing all your sisters around campus. It’s the best!

Get Excited!!!


Ashley Stafford was in a sorority at Florida State University as well as a Recruitment Counselor for Potential New Members (PNMs).  She would be happy to answer your questions.  Feel free to comment below.

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Written by Ashley Stafford — July 21, 2015

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