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Its that time again! Back to School shopping.  I know, it comes faster every year!!  Just about the time everyone is comfortable with their summer vacation, we have to start planning our first day of school.  I wonder what it feels like to be in year round school.  I took a wonderful trip to Italy this summer and they do go year round.  Would we be burned out?  Smarter? Bored?  Something to think about later.  Right now we need to prepare for getting back to school with all of the necessary supplies for success.  First up, the back pack.  White House Monogramming has a pretty large selection of styles and colors and of course each one can be personalized.  I would like to know, which ones are your favorites.  Which pattern or colors do you prefer?  So, just for fun, I thought I would have a little contest.  Please comment below for your choice and include any reasons why you might think so.  Next Friday, I will choose a random winner and you may have that backpack on me!  FREE! You can't beat that!  

*Oh, and one tiny thing.  There could be a possibility of a backpack being sold out by the vendor. (That happened in the past when Chevron was the biggest thing)  In that case, you can have a second choice or a credit with WHM for the amount of the backpack.

Here are the choices:

1. Pink Stripe Campus Backpack

2. Navy Stripe Campus Backpack

3. Aqua Stripe Campus Backpack

4. Confetti Dots Backpack

5. Woods Backpack

6. Pink  Quatrefoil Backpack

7. Teal Quatrefoil Backpack

8. Green Quatrefoil Backpack

9. Navy Academy Backpack

10.  Toddler's Size Pink Chevron Backpack

11. Toddler's Size Lime Academy Backpack

12. Toddler's Size Gingham Backpack - Many Colors

13. Toddler's Size Seersucker Backpack- Many Colors

Don't wait!  Comment below with your favorite to be entered into the drawing.  Be sure to leave me your contact info so I can inform you of the winner.

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Written by Janet White — July 17, 2015

Patti Sturgis :

Love the agua stripe backpack. It is such a classic design that either my 9yr old or college sophomore would love to own it!

July 17 2015

Carolyn Jones:

I really like the Aqua stripe. Also, that style was very popular last year and I think my granddaughter will want that style again.

July 17 2015

Angie Hughes:

I am loving the Confetti Dots this year! My niece would love it!

July 17 2015

Rachel Denham :

Teal quatrefoil backpack

July 17 2015

Celeste Ford:

In love with the Cofetti Dots backpack! My niece is starting kindergarten this year and totally needs that.

July 17 2015

A. Marie Joiner:

I love the pink stripe campus ! Pink is one of my favorite colors and reminds me to always support the pink foundations in honor of my loved ones who lost their battle and those still fighting theirs.

July 17 2015

Jennifer N:

I like the Navy Academy backpack!

July 17 2015

Kelly Mayo:

LOVE the Aqua Stripe Campus Backpack!

July 18 2015

Alyssa Emmett:

Love the Toddler’s Size Seersucker Backpack! It’s so cute and Lukas needs one for school. Thank you for this chance to win one! My email is alyssa.emmett@yahoo.com

July 20 2015

Casey Lee Hansen:

Navy striped campus backpack

July 20 2015

Bianca :

My favorite is the pink striped campus backpack.

July 20 2015

Janiya Gaines :

I like th confetti Dots Backpack I really need one for school

July 20 2015

R. Vinson :

I love the navy stripe campus backpack! It would be perfect to use when sightseeing and also to take to the local beach!

July 21 2015

Natalie Z.:

The Navy Stripe Campus Backpack is definitely my favorite! Whenever I’m at school with an accessory of any kind, people always ask me “where did you get that?!?” or “that’s sooooo cute! I want one!” And I know that this a will be a product that I will be proud to recommend! Because who wouldn’t be thrilled to carry this around?? It’s ADORABLE!

July 21 2015


I love the navy stripe campus backpack! So classic!

July 21 2015


I love the navy stripes compus backpack. Its so cute and i never seen it so everybody would be asking me where i got it. Every year when i go back to school shopping i never find a cute bookbag. I hope i win!

July 22 2015


I love the navy stripe campus backpack! It’s girly, but not too girly. It could easily be made more feminine with a pink monogram or you could take a different route with it. It’s really original!

July 23 2015

Amy :

I love the navy dots! I like that it’s colorful and cute but is busy enough to hide any spills and dirt that’s bound to find its way onto a bookbag in a first grade classroom ?

July 24 2015

Mindy Walker:

Navy Stripe Campus Backpack. It can be used for school, slumber parties or anything!!! Super cute!!!! Mom and daughter can share. Even and the same initials?

July 24 2015


The aqua stripe is just lovely – nice and bright!

July 25 2015

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