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So, you may think that July is too soon to be thinking about taking family Christmas photos.  We just finished celebrating Independence Day!  But, did you see all of the great pictures on Facebook and Instagram?  With the increase in Social Media family pictures are even more popular.  I thought maybe you would like to get a jump start on planning your Holiday photos.  So, here are 6 steps that I think are important to having a successful photo shoot and getting a wonderful family picture.

1.  Inform your family.  Let them know as soon as you decide that this is something you want to do.  Don't wait to tell your family during the busy Holiday season. By that time you are in a frenzy, decorating, attending parties, shopping, etc. Everyone might consider it just one more thing to do on the list of many and not see it for its real value. Start by mentioning it early, maybe even the year before while you are enjoying the Christmas pictures of your friend's families.  We don't want grouchy hum-bug faces.

 2.  Choose your clothing.  Great photos start with the focal point. Getting great shots of large groups can be tricky.  It is alway more pleasing if everyone is dressed in the same colors, say red shirts for example. That way, when you view the image it isn't too busy and distracting which makes you jump from object to object trying to decide what to focus on.  A little pre-planning can go a long way.  (BTW, White House Monogramming can help)

3.  Select a Photographer.   Choosing the right photographer can change your photos from looking average and ho-hum to frame worthy.  Now I know this can be a little pricey but it is worth it.  Do some research.  Ask your friends who they have used and compare style and price.  You might even find a hobby photographer willing to help so that he or she can add to his portfolio.  Knowing the cost up front will give you time to set the money aside before the Christmas spending season starts.

4.  Scout locations.   I love the beauty of the background in Christmas photos.  It is getting easier and easier to use locations weeks in advance of Christmas because so many public places decorate for the holidays as early as November.  We receive many beautiful pictures in our friends Christmas cards.  Take a look at some of your friends previous pictures and pick your favorites. What do you like?  What did they do right?  Living in Florida, I have seen many on the beach and outdoors.  Be creative and start looking now.

5. Schedule a date with a backup.   I prefer to plan a late morning photo shoot.  That way everyone is fresh and energetic and in a good mood.  If you are planning an outdoor picture be sure to pencil in an alternate date just incase mother nature does not cooperate.  Or, you may also have an alternate location in mind.  Don't get stuck having all the necessary plans get ruined by not having a plan B.

6.  Enjoy!  Even though this can be a somewhat challenging endeavor, remember the reason that you are doing it in the first place; the memories!  If you have small children it can be a good idea to bring someone else along as a helper.  Sometimes a mommy's helper can keep them happy and smiling.  Planning something fun once the photo session is complete can also help.  Have breakfast and snacks out of the way so that no one is hungry.  Food and special clothes don't mix well.  These memories may be crazy but we don't want them to get out of control and become a bad memory!

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Written by Janet White — July 06, 2015

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