White House Monogramming

I know it is a huge cliche' but, TIME FLYS!  The older you get, the faster it goes!  Why is that? I just realized that it has just been 1 year since we launched the NEW White House Monogramming website developed by the awesome MEGAN MARTIN  of Megan Martin Creative. If you haven't met her, you are missing out on one of the sweetest people ever.  

I have learned so much since I started this business.  I would like to say I know enough now but well, that will never happen.  Here's a tip: This business can not be a hobby and be successful.  At least not for me.  I love to learn new things so this is my gold mine!  I am all in!

I won't take you down memory lane, I'll just tell you about one of my biggest successes thus far. The announcement of our newest product!  I decided that one of our most popular items, the monogrammed clutch purse, needed a new color.  What is one of the most popular color trends right now?  That's it!  Gold!  So, I did some research and found a manufacturer that would fabricate a purse in metallic gold at a reasonable price.  They sent me a prototype and I was astonished.  The quality of this purse is fabulous!  I am thrilled to offer it.  



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So, I hope that you will think of White House Monogramming as a site you can always go to for all things monogrammed.  If you need a special gift for any occasion, we can help.


Written by Janet White — June 15, 2015

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