White House Monogramming

Filigree Necklace

Sometimes we just draw a blank when we are trying to think of a gift idea for someone.  They may or may not be the person who has everything, we just want to make our gift something special.  Do this happen to you?  Personalizing your possessions has for centuries added style and a sense of wealth and success but many times we don't take that extra step.  Adding a monogrammed gift can show the recipient that this was chosen just for them and didn't come from someone's gift closet.  Personalized and monogrammed jewelry makes a one of a kind, I'm special statement.

We currently have 6 variations of the Monogrammed Filigree Necklace and 5 variations of the Sterling Silver Monogrammed Ring for you to choose from.

Monogram ring


Written by Janet White — October 24, 2014

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