White House Monogramming

If you are like me, once school has started and the mornings have that crisp cool air in them, I begin thinking about the Holidays.  I love fall.  It wakes me up and gets me going! It makes me feel like I can accomplish so much!  The excitement of the upcoming holidays with parties and decorating and gifts and baking loom before me.  Its wonderful to have all the great ideas available through the internet and magazines.  Yes, I want it to be just like that!  Now, I'm not crazy.  I know I can't do it all but it is still so fun to imagine it.  A few years back I found a website that really helps to make the most out of your hopes and dreams.  Its called Organized Christmas.  You may not be able to get to everything you plan but at least it isn't just empty dreams!  Making things just a little bit special has always been a rewarding experience for me.  That is a big part of what I love about White House Monogramming. 

Now we can't jump right to Christmas without enjoying the wonderful holidays before that.  Halloween is just a couple of weeks away and we want to make them special too.

Have you seen the Halloween Buckets we offer?

They have been a huge hit.  Take a look at this cute little lamb!  

We still have some available and would be happy to personalize them just for you.  ORDER HERE

Written by Janet White — October 18, 2014

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