White House Monogramming


Admirer, Devotee, Lover, Fan, Groupie, Nut, Maniac, Enthusiast, Follower,  the words to describe your interest could continue but i think we have made our point…. Are you a monogram addict?  Do any of these signs describe you?


1. The words "monogram" and "love" are used in the same sentence.

2. "Monograms" is your largest pinterest board

3. Your friends start calling you by your initials

4. You search instagram using #monograms

5. Most of your selfies are of your monograms

6. You have a favorite monogram font

7. You’ve considered putting a monogram decal on your toilet

8. You meet someone wearing a monogrammed hat and know instantly that you could be besties!

9.You dream of having a puppy with a monogrammed collar that you can carry in your purse

10. You can identify with more than half of these signs and LOVE IT!  


So, Is this you? Share your comments below and be PROUD!

Written by Janet White — September 26, 2014

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