White House Monogramming


I happened to be watching CBS This Morning, during a segment on color and learned a few very interesting facts.  Have you ever thought about how color affects you?  Did you know that the color pink can actually weaken your strength and calm you?  Prisons have painted cells totally pink in order to calm unruly inmates.  Football teams have decorated their visitors locker rooms with everything in pink so that the apposing team is weakened.  Fascinating!  Many times you can gain insight into a person's personality by the colors they choose to decorate their homes with or the colors of clothing they pick to wear.  CBS reported that Blue is the #1 favorite color and yellow is the least liked.




 Hmmn... I guess I don't fall into this mold.  I happen to like yellow and really dislike baby blue.  Has it always been this way?  No, I think we change and evolve with the circumstances in our life.  What is your favorite color?  Join the conversation on  our FB page, www.facebook.com/whitehousemonogramming

Written by Janet White — June 24, 2014

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