White House Monogramming


Planning is in full swing for those summer weddings. I thought I would share a picture of a recent order for Bridesmaid gifts. (I can't say whose just in case one of the girls reads this...)

I think they will love them, don't you? I had a thought while working on these today. I bet the bride didn't think to get herself one and I think she should have one. So, --------, contact me with your new initials and I will send one to you FREE!

That sounds like it would be a neat promotion. Ok then!

***To all Brides!***

Order 5 monogrammed clutches for your bridal party and yours will be added for free!! (Just use the coupon code BRIDE during checkout)


Written by Megan Martin — April 19, 2014

Chelsea Moosa:

Hi! I have ordered all of my bridesmaid gifts here as well as everyone in my wedding for a total of 20 clutches and back packs! The promotion wasn’t going on when I ordered them and I just ordered three more… Can I quality for a free one?

August 20 2014


You can definitely have a free one. Email me the details and I will include it with this order. We appreciate your business and loyalty and want to keep all of our customers happy!
Enjoy your special day!

August 20 2014

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