White House Monogramming

For most of my adult life, I have had the mind of an entrepreneur. I am sure that came from my wonderful father, a man who seemed to know about everything. Like him, I am also somewhat creative in a homey (family, home-body, white picket fence- you get the idea) kind of way. I went to college and graduated as a Dental Hygienist but only as a way to support myself if necessary. My real dream was to create a wonderful home for my family and somehow have an income as well. (i.e.. my own business) I have tried many things to be able to do that but my latest opportunity feels like it is the ONE. I was given the chance to buy a friends Embroidery business last April, which I did, and I have loved every minute of it. Her business was basically by word of mouth and primarily just items that customers brought to her. Well, I see so many more possibilities. I can hardly stop the ideas from falling all over each other trying to be the first one implemented. So, I thought maybe you would like to join me on the journey of the growth of a business. I would enjoy hearing your feedback, tossing ideas around and having a support group to keep me on track.

I opened an Etsy shop in September while I built my website. Business was fantastic. The biggest seller with over 600 sold is the monogrammed clutch. There are 12 awesome colors to choose from. I was shocked how quickly these took off. I also have scarves, spa/bath wraps, luggage handles, tote bags, pocket tees, ball caps, cosmetic bags and so much more coming. (of course- all monogrammed!) The plan is to have the website go live just as soon as possible. Wow! Do you know how much work there is to build a website? I am so impatient too. I want to share all the cute things I have for you!
So, please come back and share the journey.


Written by Megan Martin — February 06, 2014

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