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Well, since I have been a mom for 28 years now (and still parenting my teenager) I think I may have a little bit of insight.  I remember one year, way back when, I was a single parent of my then 3 year old daughter.  I anticipated that Sunday with a feeling of dread.  My family had been shattered and it was not going to be fun seeing all of the other family's honoring their mom.  Then something unexpected happened.  I received a dozen roses anonymously!  I was so surprised that someone (who certainly didn't have to by the way) had thought enough of me to want to make my day better.  Wow, what an impact that had, even to this day as I still do not know who sent them.  

Some people may gather together if part of their family has moved away.  We as of yet have not done this.  I know when I moved out I would always call my mom and send her a greeting card each year but there was usually not an organized event.  Now that she has passed, I look back at that and think of the missed opportunities. Its easy to think, oh I will see her soon, but nope, thats not always the case.

I remarried when my oldest daughter was almost 6 and had another daughter 6 years later.  New love and new traditions of our own have replaced the past with out really planning it.  It seems to have just been created.  It's my day, to do with what I want.  Some years I want to head out to the beach and play with the family.  Other times I like to do nothing....curl up with a good book.  My husband usually cooks and brings me drinks if I want.  I have also been lucky enough to attend the Players Championship Golf Tournament very near our home.  Whatever I decide, the main intent is that I feel special.  And that I do!

What Does Mother's Day Mean to You?  I hope that you or your mom feel special.

(ok, so get ready for a little shameless marketing) If you need a little something to show your mom just how you feel about her, we would like to help.  We have several wonderful personalized gifts that I think she'll like! So, share and let us know your plans for Mother's Day.  


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Written by Janet White — April 23, 2016

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